Our tools are designed by the state-of-the-art computer analyse technology and our abundant experience.

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State-of-the art FEA technology and our abandant experiences create suitable ultrasonic tools.
Cosmo system provides the suitable ultrasonic horns and fixtures which are designed with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation that is able to recognize the most optimal shape before building those.
FEA simulation allows to have constant amplitude at the horn surface, and reduce the stress in the horn during ultrasonic vibration.
Also, we use this FEA simulation technology for our hot plate tools to have consistent temperature at heater platen surface.

Unequal amplitude at horn surface
Optimization based on FEA simulation

Amplitude level is improved.

Horn for the other ultrasonic manufacturer's welder
We can accept to build the horn for the other ultrasonic manufacturers.
Please ask us the acceptable makers.

Tools for compricated shape parts
Tools for 3D-shape parts are also available.
Please send the 3D-CAD files to us.
The following files are acceptable.
- IGES(xxx.igs) / STEP(xxx.stp) / Para-solid(xxx.x_t) / SolidWorks Files

Surface finishing technology
The various surface finishing technologies are available to prolong life time of tooling.

Ultrasonic Horns

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