Ultrasonic welding components provide maximum flexibility for systems integrators and machinery builders for installation into automated systems.

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Maximum flexibility for systems integrators for installation into automated systems.
We supply ultrasonic kits and stack components directly to OEM systemsf integrators for installation into special assembly systems. Kits provide maximum flexibility in terms of system size and design configuration, with resulting savings in system costs and space. Kits and stack components offer the ability to sequentially switch the RF signal from one power supply kit to several weld locations.

Generator for PLC sequencing Ultrasonic power supply for NEMA enclosure and PLC sequencing
- Easy installation into PLC cabinet.
- Various I/O signals help to control and monitor ultrasonic welding cycle from your PLC.
Ultrasonic Stack Ultrasonic Stack (Horn/Booster/Converter)
- We provide optimal ultrasonic stack for your application.
Pneumatic Slimline Actuator
- Slimline actuator designed for automated systems.
- Can be mounted in virtually any position on a bridge or other rigid structure.
- Optional linear encoder for distance welding.
[ Cosmo System designs and builds custom automated system. Please feel free to contact us!]

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