Our 20kHz ultrasonic welders are used invarious feelds of industry; ex. automotive, electric, medical, non-woven, packaging, and etc.

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A full range of power supplies for ultrasonic welding in time, energy, and/or distance modes.
GX-Series Power Supplies offer a range of available power from 400 to 4500 watts for our ultrasonic welding presses and actuators in the 40 kHz, 20 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies. (Specific power availability is shown below.) Features include digital amplitude control, ultrasonic horn/stack frequency display and good part/bad part output signal.

GX series ultrasonic power supplies
GX series power supply (40kHz/400 - 20kHz/2200W)
Main features of GX-series power supply
- Automatic frequency tuning
- Digital amplitude control
- Ultrasonic horn/stack frequency display
- Ultrasonic load meter scale
- Soft start function
- Load reguration
- Good part / Bad part limit function

GX series: frequency and max. power

15kHz: 3500W/4500W
20kHz: 500W/1200W/1700W/2200W/3500W
40kHz: 400W/800W
15kHz/4500W GXE power supply
GX series power supply (20kHz/3500W - 15kHz/4500Wj
Model and Available Weld Control Mode
Type GXT: Time Control
Type GXE: Time and Energy Control
Type GXL: Time, Energy, and Distance Control*

* Requires optional linear encoder.
Data sheet of GX series Power Supplies
Model GX_400-40 GX_800-40 GX_1200-20 GX_1700-20 GX_2200-20 GX_3300-20 GX_3500-15 GX_4500-15
Frequency 40kHz 20kHz 15kHz
Max. Power 400W 800W 1200W 1700W 2200W 3300W 3500W 4500W
Control Mode Time, Energy (only with GXE & GXL), and Distance (only with GXL)
Auto Tuning PLL Auto Tuning
Amplitude Control Digital Control (20 - 100%)
Frequency Display Available for All Models
Power Display Available for All Models
Input Power AC200 - 240V (50/60Hz)
"T", "E", or "L" is added to the area "_" after "GX". "T" means time control model, "E" means time and energy control model, and "L" means time, energy, and distance control model.
Ex: GXE2200-20 (20kHz/2200W, Time & Energy control model)

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