Our 40kHz ultrasonic welders are suitable for sensitive parts welding

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Suitable for welding of small delicate plastic parts.
Our 40 kHz ultrasonic welding equipment enables welding of delicate, small, close-tolerance assemblies where applied pressure and ultrasonic vibrations need to be minimized. These fast, precise and virtually inaudible models are ideally suited for plastics assembly with products such as printed circuit boards, microelectronic components and medical devices.

4095 Press System
40kHz ultrasonic weldfer: 4095 press unit
4095 Press System
Main features of 4095 press system
- Single piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub
- Increased steel column diameter and wall thickness
- Single rail linear slide
- Direct in-line air cylinder
- 50 mm stroke actuator
- Linear encoder for distance welding (optional)

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